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As Christmas sprints towards us we’re again thinking about the traditional Christmas card. Do people still enjoy them? Would they rather get an email?

This got us on to thinking about the benefits of direct mail versus email marketing in our digital age. Here at Cornberry, we like to use both for different goals, but we wanted to see what information there was out there on this. So we did some digging around and there has been some great figures put out there from The Royal Mail, let’s have a look at them!

The ever powerful email…

Our working days are run for the most part on email. One click of the delete button is a nice easy action to help fend off the unwanted barrage from your inbox. So with that in mind, do you still think email marketing has an affect on you? Is it a nuisance or is it a numbers game when it comes to brand awareness that we’d all benefit from?

Doing our research we gathered the following insights into emails:

But what about direct mail?

Letters get on average more face time than an email. If you look right now at your in tray, paper organiser or desk drawer, good money says there’s a piece of promotional mail in there you’ve kept hold of for too long.

  • ROI is £7 for every £1 spent – direct mail ROI is lower but costs are lower for each new ??
  • 8 billion letters are sent every year  and their average lifespan is 17 days
  • 92% Of people read door drops sent to their home
  • 20% of door drops are shared with other members of the household or referred back to when making a purchase.

Using a mix of media is the answer!

According to figures from the Royal Mail research shows that consumers want both options. They want to be able to consume the messages in different manners depending on when they are reading it and where. There’s something to be said for the value a consumer places on direct physical mail, but they also appreciate being able to digest the information on their mobile and electronic devices in their own time.

Some top facts:

  • 51% of consumers prefer companies to us a mixture of both mail and email
  • 65% of consumers like to browse through both the catalogue and online before buying.

The answer to the big debate seems to lie somewhere in both camps. Both mediums can talk to different people in different way. So unless you have the most specifically calculated leads money and science can buy, you’ll be better off covering both bases.

If you can’t decide what the best mix is or how to combine email and your mailing campaigns, Cornberry can help – just give us a call!