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Marketing in the modern digital age usually sees your business brand spread across enough differing marketing platforms to keep a few octopus busy! The task here is keeping it strong, and maintaining the consistency to ensure customers associate what they have seen, with who you are.

If people don’t recognize your brand your efforts will be rendered a little pointless. Though perhaps appreciated at the time, when nobody recalls where they heard it, or who it was from – all that marketing effort won’t be doing you any good.

Step #1 – Approval Processes

Sometimes inconsistencies escape into the world, mocking you and running a muck from their irreparable and imperfect state in the universe. But you can do your very best to catch them with a big old safety net of a set approval process. Internal approval based on your brand guidelines (we’ll get to that shortly!) can help make sure each box is literally ticked, before it goes out in the big bad world.

Step #2 – Brand Guidelines

Create a document as a reference point for anyone internal or external working on your company communication materials.

Use graphics to clearly demonstrate each reference point to ensure it is easily understood and adhered to.

It’s a good idea to test your Brand Guidelines effectiveness by tasking an internal co-worker with using it before publishing it and rolling it out. Chances are if they can follow your guidelines and produce materials within it’s (hopefully effectively) conveyed rules, then you’re good to go!

Step #3 – Tone of Voice

Maintain a clear tone throughout all written communication. Don’t alienate your clientele with superfluous, unfathomable communication. It’s generally a little pompous and off-putting.

Most people will appreciate the honesty of a simpler tone. This in itself reflects a welcoming and relatable persona which should see you well. People enjoy speaking with people, like them.

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