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A guest blog by Sarah Orchard – Associate Marketing Consultant at Cornberry

Have you set up a Facebook page for your business?

The biggest job now is making it work and building up a following that will make that all-important leap to becoming customers. So here’s my top ten tips to make sure everyone knows about your Facebook page:

1. Promote your Facebook page on your website
Add the Facebook icon and link to your page. It gives visitors to your website access to an alternative way of finding out more about you and your business, and communicating with you on a more informal level.

2. Blog about it
Write a blog post about your Facebook page and start getting people interested and curious. Share with them your plans for the page, what they might discover there that they won’t on your website. Give them incentives to ‘Like’ your page so that your posts will appear in their newsfeed.

3. Add a Like box to your blog and/or website
Everyone is so familiar with the Facebook ‘Like’ box – even more so when it shows that people have indeed been liking something they’ve read. It makes other more likely to follow their example. The more opportunities your visitors have to like blog articles or web pages, the further your reach will spread.

4. Add a Facebook link in your email sign-up confirmation email
Anyone who has shared their details to receive information from you will be at their most receptive when first getting in touch with you. They want to start a dialogue with you, so let them know the various ways in which you communicate. If you’re using Twitter, add that link too!

5. Tag other Facebook business pages
Creating links to other pages works really well – particularly if they relate to your own business sector. It means that your business will become visible to new audiences, and interested individuals will then visit your Facebook page.

6. Add your Facebook business page URL to your email signature
Email is probably the primary method of communication for most businesses these days, so an email signature is an absolute must. Make sure you go beyond the standard phone numbers and website address by adding a link to your Facebook page. Every time you send out an email one more person is discovering the existence of that page.

7. Don’t forget your business cards
When it comes to offline communication tools, the humble business card is still right up there in terms of effectiveness. Add your Facebook page address and it immediately builds awareness – the address itself may not be memorable but the Facebook icon is powerful enough that new contacts will search for you.

8. Consider Facebook ads
Far less expensive than traditional advertising, Facebook provides the ability to target your audience according to demographics and Facebook user interest and behaviours. It’s a very powerful form of advertising that can reap rewards.

9. Ensure all your social media activity is linked
Using Twitter? Make sure you include a link to your Facebook page so that your Twitter followers can engage with you in different ways. Similarly, add your Twitter details to your Facebook page.

10. Invite your Twitter followers to join you on Facebook
Got more to say than is possible in 140 characters? Invite your Twitter followers to join your Facebook community and start some conversations.