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Telesales is a powerful way to generate sustainable leads and sales. Ensuring your lead generation campaign doesn’t slow to a snails pace is the tricky bit. Here are our 3 top tips for maintaining your telesales campaign, and continuing to drive more leads from it.

1. Identify your audience

The clearer you can be about your target audience and their needs; the better. Make sure you keep up to date so that if your audience changes, or if you can expand your audience, you don’t miss it. Technology can help you filter data (e.g. via location, industry, company size, turnover, number of employees, job titles etc.) and enable you to tailor your message more efficiently to your target audience.

2. Double-check your message

Campaigns, customer requirements and even your business changes over time. Keep checking your message is still relevant and doesn’t need adjusting or refining. You could try out a new message or offer on some existing customers in a similar position or sector and get their feedback, before it goes live to your new prospects.

3. Make sure you are responding efficiently

Make sure all your enquiries are dealt with promptly, and in a way that will please the customer. If you leave them waiting because you are trying to do too many things, your campaign will stall. Making sure your infrastructure is in place and maintained i.e. sales staff, websites etc. is vital to maintaining your campaigns effectiveness. Be realistic and stagger your campaign to enable you to manage the response effectively.

We have experience of handling telemarketing campaigns for many of our clients so if you want to discuss how it could help your business generate more business leads – call Cornberry for a chat today!