8 Tips for Building a Successful Website

As a business your website is essentially your shop window to your brand. It’s so important to keep your website in line with your branding so your style is consistent both on and offline.

At Cornberry, we have the creative know how and experience to help you build a successful website.
Here are some of our top tips to help keep your customers informed and intrigued…

Make it Visually Pleasing
Engaging users immediately is essential, all it takes is one click for a potential customer to navigate away from your site, so it is important that your site not only functions well but also looks modern and appealing.

Get the Navigation Right
Customers should be able to glance at your home page and see exactly where they need to go. Make sure it’s easy to navigate through the different pages.

Get it Right!
It’s important to make sure that you are keeping your website up to date, for both SEO and a great user experience – any incorrect information could potentially lose you business.

Don’t hide your Contact Info
Contact information should be immediately visible, as this is most often why they have visited your website. Ideally it should appear in the web header and on every page. Tel numbers should be clickable links from a mobile device to make life easier for your customers if they are out and about.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
It’s great having a website that looks nice but you’ve got to flaunt it with Google too! The content of your website is essential and using SEO will help get your website seen. You need your website to be highly visible in Google searches.

Be Remembered!
Not everyone who visits your website will be ready to start doing business straightaway, so it’s important to provide them with reasons to stay in touch and find ways to keep you in their minds i.e. ‘opt-in to our monthly newsletter’ or ‘email us for a free quotation’

Mobile Responsive is Best
Make sure your website still looks amazing on different mobile and tablet platforms/devices. It’s all good making a website fully functional on a computer but most people use the internet when they are out and about on their mobile devices.

Don’t forget to get Social!
Integrate your social media pages – add your Instagram feed, Facebook Like button and add social share buttons to your blog posts for optimal visibility.

There’s so much more involved in creating a great website and we’ve got the creativity and experience! Contact us today to see how we can help develop your website for success. hello@cornberry.co.uk or call 01428 651709