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We are well and truly living in a digital age and technology is continually opening up new opportunities in terms of communications. We’re all familiar with hotels promoting their services on in-room TV channels, but that concept has now extended beyond the bedroom and flatscreen monitors and digital signage networks are transforming how businesses in the hospitality sector communicate with their customers.

Digital signage is being successfully exploited by the big chains such as Marriott and Hyatt and it is becoming ever more accessible for smaller chains and independents – its growth in the sector means it’s now barking at the heels of public advertisement displays. Restaurants, similarly, are enjoying the benefits – a digital display is much quicker to update than a printed menu when Chef removes a dish.

Keep customers engaged and informed

Digital information displays are the perfect way to keep guests informed and updated. Positioned in the entrance lobby or reception area a digital screen can be used for a wide range of purposes. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Convey information to your guests – from the weather to the evening’s specials. Where staff may not always be instantly available, a digital display can go some way to alleviating the pressure – and keeping guests and visitors happy and satisfied with the service. It becomes, in effect, a digital concierge – an additional way in which you can ensure good customer service.

2.    Showcase your guest services – such as the restaurant, gift shop, or beauty treatments in the spa.

3.    Promote your daily offers – in a restaurant you might want to advertise daily specials or promotional offers – within moments you can switch from lunch offers to dinner fixed price menu deals.

4.    A warm welcome – provide a personal welcome and guide delegates to a conference room or a party of diners to their private function room.

5.    Immediate response to today’s events – for instance, our very unpredictable British weather can sometimes produce a brief heatwave, so what could be better than the ability to instantly promote an offer on a refreshing pitcher of Pimms or a Mojito, as a way of enticing customers to spend more.

6.    Enhance your brand message – use images, video, and social media to add branded atmosphere and further engage and entertain your customers.

7.    Test your marketing quicker – use a digital screen as a quick and cost effective way to test out a specific promotion or pricing over a short period of time, without the lead time and expense of printed communications.

The bottom line is that more traditional marketing materials such as posters and leaflets require planning, but a digital display can be instantly updated.

Digital signage can positively influence customer purchasing decisions through dynamic content – an exciting concept that is engaging for your customers and one that will positively reflect on sales and revenue. Isn’t it time you checked it out?