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Looking to hit 2019 running? Cornberry has done some research, found some great online resources and compiled some free marketing tips to help you kickstart 2019!

Marketing can easily become as baffling as it is broad. Beacause of this, we thought we’d help out

1. Create A Content Plan

New years is a big old reset button. And it’s prime time to gather your thoughts. Take this quiet moment to plan an attack before the whirlwind of “business as usual” pulls you back into an automated state.

A calculated approach is the best way. Firstly, planning removes the pressure of “creativity on demand”. Secondly, a clear plan will help you focus on content so each piece shines. Therefore, a well conceived content plan is a great tool for anyone looking to drive engagement.

Start out by picking your target audience. For instance, young males and females from 18-35. After that, you can decide on how best to engage them. Meanwhile, you can tailor the tone and delivery to appease them. There are some great free resources to help create your content plan. Here’s a few of the best we’ve found below.





2. Start Using Analytics

Everyones should be making use of Analytics. It can seem like a daunting mess of numbers and letters when you first start. But fear not our humble marketeer, it’s 2019 and there is always some great free online training out there.

Google offers a lot of useful and free online training.  The best place to start with analytics is google search console training. This will teach you how to read and understand it’s search console. For instance, you can track  things ike how many times a something has been viewed. This will tell what’s worked well.This is powerful data, it can really help you understand your customers. Moreover, you can tailor your content, measure its performance and plan for success!



3. Set Some New Year’s resolutions

They can be a fun marketing push or internal morale boosters. Also, transparency can be endearing.  It shows customers you’re actual humans. For example, an effort to improve your carbon footprint or decrease waste. It’s something you can push on your social channels. Importantly, it can be something you can update on. Therefore generating more content.

It makes sense setting smart goals for your business. Therefore, always think doable and measurable. Focus on what has worked this past year and yielded good results. Similarly, you could identify bad and see what you can do to change them.

If you’re looking for marketing advice, Cornberry can help. Whether you need some fresh ideas or to expand your own. Cornberry can help portray the right message.

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