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The digital age has bought us TV on our phones, music available on all our devices and the ability to buy something from the Middle East whilst we wait for the train at Clapham Junction!

Digital signage is one of the upcoming areas that companies and individuals now choose for marketing their product or service, taking advantage of the fact we interact with technology more and more on a daily basis.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is literally the system of displaying information on a digital screen. Many businesses already show information on billboards, noticeboards and even banners, but there is a limit before the area becomes cluttered and has a negative impact. Digital signage is the modern, space saving and organised alternative to these more traditional methods. Digital signage can be used for information display, advertising, menu’s etc. the list is very long….

Here are 5 great ways we have thought of for every type of business to use digital signage:

  1. Retail – Use digital signage in a retail environment to advise your customers of potential offers they may be interested in, show them the value add content for the brands available and even use the screens as point of sale marketing. A clean, easily changed sign that no longer has to say just one thing. It can be integrated with your other marketing efforts to capture data for your activities.
  2. Information – Make use of a network within an office block, campus or even a nationwide organisation with many branches to display real time, consistent information. Maybe show a meeting timetable in your offices so that no-one has an excuse to be late for a meeting again, show the latest buying figures from a supplier or even real time production output within a factory. The options are almost endless.
  3. Hospitality – Make your guests feel welcome with an overview of the available facilities, activities and assistance. Try a well produced welcome video for a hotel lobby, a personalised welcome message for a conference centre or maybe even a food order status update, live from the kitchen!
  4. Exhibitions – Commercial advertising video for your brand or product, interactive information systems and live feed social media can bring visitors to your stand or display en mass. Give them something other than a poster to look at and if you can, something to play with that’s “cool”. Digital signage can do all of this and really make your stand shine.
  5. Advertising – Turn your shop window, coffee bar or even entrance lobby into revenue generating advertising area. Taking up minimum space, with the ability to show literally hundreds of adverts an hour, your unused space can become a reliable stream of income, with little impact.

We think that Digital signage is great and can think of hundreds of ways it could help every type of business.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our managed and installed digital signage systems, and to discuss your own solution.