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Direct Mail can be one of the most important tactics in your marketing plan…

It is versatile, powerful and has proven results. The temptation to opt for free or cheaper marketing online and by email is great, and although these methods do deliver rewards, research indicates that when combined with direct mail, the results are greatly enhanced.

Below, we have some statistics provided by the Strategic Marketing Partnership, to highlight the increased power of a marketing campaign when using direct mail:

Direct mail increases engagement by 60%

Research indicated that 60% of consumers say they are more likely to click on a link if they’ve received a postal mailer from you previously. The same number say that they would be wary of making a purchase based solely on online information. This information is substantiated by Tesco, who experience their highest search results and online conversions just after their Clubcard mailing hits the doormats.

Direct mail can increase your ROI by 62%

Sure, there are cheaper alternatives to direct mail, but none that can offer the same rewards. When direct mail was used in conjunction with a digital campaign in 2012, ROI was increased by 62% when compared to digital campaigns alone. Impressive results!

Direct mail is opened by 80% of consumers

This figure is in comparison to 11% of acquisition emails and 23% or retention emails. Direct mail can project your message to more customers, and help you to increase sales.

Direct mail is already used by 55% of successful small and medium sized businesses to find more customers

These companies rely on direct mail as a way of attracting their customers and engaging them more into their marketing, in order to convert them.

Direct mail remains a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal, and we recommend it as part of a planned, targeted and diverse marketing plan.

Find out how your business can incorporate direct mail into your marketing plan…