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Sending an email to your customer database is the easiest thing to do…

…BUT it’s a whole different ball game getting customers to open it – and even harder to convince them to act on the information and do business with you. Plus, you have to contend with all the spam mail that fills up inboxes on a daily basis.

So how can you make email marketing work for your business?

Here are our top tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Make sure your subject line does all the hard work
    To stand out amongst all the unwanted email that arrives in people’s inboxes your subject line has to deliver a message the reader wants to read. Think about your typical customer and the pain points that your service or products can resolve. Posing a problem as a question will appeal to people’s curiosity and tempt them to open the email, and special offers will always generate interest – everyone loves a bargain. Composing your subject line is the one time you can ignore all the rules of grammar and perfect sentence composition. Key words should appear at the front of the message – studies have proved that the first two words are the most important in terms of grabbing attention.
  • Test your campaign
    With excellent free tools such as Mail Chimp it’s really easy to experiment and discover what works best. An A/B Split Test enables you to send emails to a small sample of your database using different subject lines. The system then monitors which subject line is most successful and automatically sends that version to the rest of your database. The analytics will also help you identify the best time of day to send emails, as well as tracking the open rate and click throughs to your website. This kind of information is invaluable and has the potential to really improve the volume of traffic to your website and the all-important conversion to sales.
  • Ring the changes every time you send a campaign
    Make sure your subject lines vary from one campaign to the next. Don’t be tempted to just change the odd word here or there. The open rate is likely to decline over time as people assume you are simply regurgitating old information.


  • Nurture your contacts database
    Buying data lists do not guarantee a fresh supply of customers – growing your database organically is far better. Make sure you keep your contacts database fully up to date, making sure you add details of potential customers you meet in person and integrating any contacts you get through your website.

If you don’t feel you have the time or knowledge, get in touch with Cornberry – we know what it takes to create successful email marketing campaigns.