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Telesales is one way some larger businesses choose to market their offerings to their customers.

Some have dedicated departments and others outsource. Purchasing quality data lists, they then call them all trying to generate leads for their sales teams or even attempt to close the sale during the call, and it works.

So if telesales is that amazing, why don’t we all do it?

The simple answer is, cost. Although a larger company may have thousands to spend on telemarketing each day, most small and medium businesses don’t. All is not lost, however, and we are not turning our backs on telemarketing just yet. Here is an example of an approach showing that telemarketing remains a powerful tool in the small business marketers’ arsenal, when used correctly.

Our angle of approach:

We suggested using an integrated approach, using three different mediums, to maximise exposure, by:

  • Obtaining a list of the relevant potential businesses. An expert can help you plan your data, so you are not wasting your time, or money buying records you will never convert.
  • Plan the message, offering price and design. Expert marketing planning and graphic design will reward you with a higher ROI. The more you put in, the more you get out.
  • Produce a small quantity of direct mail pieces, personalised to the recipient. Make sure you use a professional printer, with a good reputation. A silly print issue here could kill the campaign!
  • Send them in small batches.
  • Follow up with an email, ensuring branding and message continuity to the direct mail piece, enforcing why they should use him over his competitors.

Follow up with a personal call, again ensuring message consistency, with the aim of booking an introductory meeting. We recommend a professional sales team or outsourced lead generation company. By only targeting a small batch of potentials at a time, we can keep a cap on the spending. Then by analysing the feedback from the calls, we can use the low volume to our advantage, and change the message part way through the campaign, if needed. This will help ensure that the client is appealing to his target audience and projecting the right message.

How does this approach maximise ROI?

An email is easy to delete, a direct mail piece is easy to throw away, a call is easy to ignore. When combined, however, you are presenting your offering three times to the potential customer, and it is very hard for them not to notice you.

With regular contact across multiple marketing mediums, people absorb more of the information. It’s all about keeping yourself front of mind.

The added bonus of using telesales, at this later point, is potential customers are already aware of you and your offering. They don’t tend to consider it to be a cold call. You are starting to develop awareness and a fledgling relationship with your business, without them realising it.

In short, using telesales as a follow up to your other marketing activities, you can control the costs and maximise effectiveness of your direct mail and email campaigns.

Ask us today about an integrated marketing plan and how we can help you project the right message!