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We’ve been wrapping up presents and projects – so why not the year?

Take a look at Cornberry’s 2018 in a fun and festive infographic we would like to share with you. A fun little exercise to get us to do some digging into what made this year a success, we uncovered some interesting stats. We were especially proud of the fact that some Cornberry work reached a distance of 6,759 miles, which was a few jobs that went all the way to Singapore! We initially thought of calculating that as a percentage of the worlds circumference…but it wasn’t as impressive a figure as we’d hoped 😀


This year we have been lucky enough to have our work stretch over ten different countries, the furthest being America and Singapore.

Our 1 new member of staff is Sonny who has been here since July. He’s been writing the blogs and working in production with Paul – he has enjoyed a great 6 months here so far.

The business cards designed is another figure we are pretty impressed with. This means unique designs created is over 500 this year! Good work Simon 😀

We’re always looking for new products to extend your marketing, this year we produced eight brand new items we’ve never done before. This included branded umbrellas, bottles and our new website packages designed to get you online on budget.

Our shining star at the top of the tree is a total of 571 projects, of all varying size. From large groups of items, to sometimes just one smaller order. We decided to use this figure as it means no matter how big or small we give each job the same attention and care it deserves.