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It’s easy to get lost amongst the 100’s of other exhibitors. We have helped many companies create impactful stands for their events and here are some tips to stand out and draw people onto your stand:

Think Creatively

  • Using branded backdrops or large format banners is a great way to make your stand POP! But you need to think creatively. Can you create a theme for your stand e.g. A beach, seaside pier, woodland/nature or other non-typical business event backdrop? Something that makes people stop and draws people in. It’s good to ask yourself – can you tie your theme into your overall message? What props could you add to your stand to make it more 3D? Deck chairs, fruit machine, trees/plants etc.
  • Digital Displays – Bold visual imagery is key to drawing people in and digital displays are a great way to showcase what you offer – using a slideshow or video format whilst making your stand more interactive.
  • Think outside the box! You don’t have to be confined to the four white walls.
  • Can you create some form of two-way interaction – ask the visitors to stop and do a puzzle, game, quiz or get some sort of benefit – free shoe shine, massage, water/tea/coffee station etc.
  • Printed materials – leaflets, posters, and business cards – ensure they are branded heavily and also fit into your theme if you have one

Don’t Blow the Budget!

  • Do set a realistic budget for the event based on what return on your investment you hope to achieve.
  • Don’t over spend. Think about your budget and what you can realistically do with it.
  • Plan ahead – Think what the essentials to have and what is nice to have’s!
  • Think about the additional logistics costs – staff parking, uniforms/branded clothing, meals/drinks and/or accommodation.

What’s On Offer?

  • Freebies and Giveaways are a great way to get people interested but keep it on-brand to what you offer or within your overall theme (e.g. sticks of rock or candyfloss for your seaside pier theme!). This will filter out the people who are actually interested in your brand and not just the free stuff.
  • Branded freebies – make these relevant, interesting and useful i.e. USB stick, thermal travel mug or summer chilled drinks bottle for commuters, or pens with a torch light. Something that people will need over and over again and/or keep on their desk or in their bag.
  • Remember to try and get leads from your stand. You could enter people into a free prize draw to win something – ask them for a business card or to complete a registration directly into your email marketing / CRM system via an iPad. But try and give your own product or service away rather than a really sexy prize like Champagne or an iPad as people will want that and will not be interested in what you do necessarily!
  • Hand out Promotional Offer or Trial Purchase cards e.g. ‘10% off your first/next purchase’.
  • Message Cards – Something that makes people think and builds your brand personality. Inspirational quotes, funny facts or statistics. Make sure you brand them!

Getting people to the Event

Make sure you promote that you are attending the exhibition and will have a stand at least 4-6 weeks before the event. Invite your clients/customers to come and enjoy a special VIP event/glass of champagne or some form of briefing or value added offering for new prospects. You can do this by:

  • Adding a banner on your website
  • Adding a PS to your email signature
  • Posting on your social media and sharing the event organisers posts on your accounts
  • Adding a message to your own email campaigns
  • Writing a blog post about it
  • Posting on industry forums or trade / local business sites
  • Taking promo literature to networking events you attend
  • Asking other business to help you promote it through their marketing channels

We can help!

From printed collateral and themed backdrops, to digital displays and branded giveaways – give us a call today to see how we can help bring your exhibition space to life and help you project the right message to win more business.