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Spray and pray marketing is often the chosen tactic for smaller businesses, thinking the more offers, giveaways and promo codes they send, the better. They have failed to see how this method of marketing can actually do more harm, than good. Sure, keep yourself front of mind with regular contact, but limit your spray to a concentrated jet. The marketing hose is not a rain machine!

Quality over quantity every time!

Think about it, if you send out 10 email campaigns a month, hundreds of Twitter posts, direct mail and telephone calls, all pushing this months’ latest offer, how many people are you going to annoy? No-one likes an inbox full of offers, promos and giveaways.

Sure, you may catch a few that had missed your initial message but you are far more likely to see higher unsubscribe rates, followers dropping off and telephone calls being ignored or cut off. Not to mention all this takes time and money.

By pushing potential customers off of your email list, or loosing followers with this method of marketing, you limit your ability to market your business effectively. If customers are not engaging with your marketing, it can be tempting to widen the spray nozzle again and send out even more.

The problem may be your message

If the marketing message doesn’t compel the action you want, or isn’t clear, spraying your marketing all over the place simply will not help.

If people are ignoring your marketing messages, and you can honestly answer “no” to any of the below, it may be time to review your marketing strategy:

  • Is what you are offering genuinely solving a problem, fixing a pain point, satisfying a customer need or desire?
  • Is your marketing reaching the right people?
  • Do you send different marketing to different audiences?
  • Is your special offer, really that special? Or a lazy offer that is easy for you to give?
  • Are you sending your message using the best methods for your audience?
  • Is your marketing message interesting enough, for it to make people take immediate action?

If you are not seeing a return from your marketing, don’t get your big marketing hose out and spray more marketing all over the place, talk to us to refine your marketing strategy, and reduce your effort whilst increasing your returns.