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So what do you do when you need to order more letterheads, need a new corporate brochure or have forgotten to order branded pens for an event that is just a week away? Do you take it all on yourself? Do other colleagues help take the strain? Does it feel like a complete panic because it’s just not your area of expertise? There has to be a better way and, guess what, there really is – a print management company can take away all the headaches of your print requirements.

So what are the benefits of outsourcing your print?

  • A one-stop shop
    It’s the perfect way to consolidate all your print requirements. From business cards and stationery to direct mail campaigns – that can even be mailed out for you – to promotional items such as USB sticks or mouse mats, a print management company will effortlessly take care of everything.
  • A stronger brand image
    Quality and brand consistency across different printed items is a given, not a case of keeping fingers crossed.
  • Never miss a deadline again
    Print lead times are carefully managed so that important deadlines won’t be missed.
  • Never run out of anything, ever!
    Stock control becomes a much easier process. A good print management company will audit historic orders and how print is ordered and be able to assess where savings can be made, whether it’s in terms of price or quantity, and make sure that you are neither over-ordering or being caught short through lack of letterheads.
  • Save time
    Organising print is probably not your thing so it will probably take much longer. Multiply that across several other members of staff who may also have to order printed items and it’s not hard to imagine the extent to which valuable human resources is wasted unnecessarily.
  • Keep a close check on your costs
    You will know exactly how much your print costs, with one dedicated point of contact providing details of print spend.
  • Save money
    You will save money – potentially as much as 30%. Print management companies leverage their knowledge of suppliers to find the best prices and will take advantage of volume discount on your behalf.
  • Reduce your budgets
    Over time you will be able to set lower print budgets without any compromise to the quality of the end product.

Print management is exactly what it says it is – it’s about managing print. So whilst you’re struggling to compare prices from one printer to another and trying to understand why the specification of one is different to the other, it’s a process that print management companies go through day in day out.

Unless you have a dedicated internal resource it’s highly unlikely that you will possess the necessary knowledge, network of print suppliers or time to manage the entire process from beginning to end to make considered and cost-effective decisions. Outsourcing to a print manager will relieve that burden and provide the assurance of quality results and effective use of available budgets.

If you feel your time would be better spent on more essential business activities and you’d like to find ways of reducing your print spend, why not give Cornberry a call. We’re pretty confident that you will quickly see the benefits of print management.