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As printing technology has progressed, there are now even more affordable ways to enhance your printed marketing materials and make sure they really stand out from the crowd.

At Cornberry we spend significant time researching and sourcing the latest options for our clients to help them communicate their brand in the best way.


A process which can be used to give text or images a raised or 3D effect that creates a tactile element to any printed item.
If you are looking for a lower-cost option? Our latest digital printing technology can produce a unique finish known as ‘Dimensional Printing’.

It works like embossed printing by adding a raised tactile effect to a specific image or text. For example, a regular flat picture of an orange can be transformed, turning it into a 3D image that looks and ‘feels’ like an orange – you can almost reach out and grab it!

Dimensional Printing | Embossing | Digital Printer Surrey


The process of applying metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid print surface, by using a heated die to permanently adhere the foil to the surface below leaving the design of the dye.

So if you’re looking to spice up your print with sheer elegance, then our latest digital foiling and dimensional ink technologies can do just that!

No longer only an option for bigger budgets, long runs and extended lead times and here are some of the reasons why.
Digital foiling means you are not limited to having one set design, and personalisation can be used throughout at little extra cost. For example – business cards with multiple variations can be produced speedily, as traditional foiling blocks are completely eradicated by using digital technology. This enables us to offer high quality and more intricate foiling at lower costs.

The benefits include:
•    Production times reduced compared to traditional foiling methods.
•    More intricate designs with fewer limitations.
•    With no blocks or costly set ups and running times, one offs and low quantities are ideally suited.

Foiling | Digital Printer Surrey


A unique and striking lamination technique which adds a high quality velvet-soft feel to the surface of the print material.


This is used to reduce or accentuate particular items on the printed page as well as improve durability. Gloss varnish gives a shiny coating that tends to heighten the impact of photographs or design elements on the page. High Gloss is also available.

Matt varnish gives a smooth look that doesn’t reflect the light. Silk varnish sits between gloss and matt varnishes and adds a soft sheen to the finished item.

Varnishing | Digital Printer Surrey


This typically covers the page with a transparent coating that feels very smooth and thick. UV varnishes are usually seen covering the page in a smooth glossy coating that really brings out the colours in the page. They are also available in Matt finish and colour tints.


A technique where you can choose a particular area on the page to cover in UV varnish. It’s done to add vibrancy and impact; the contrast of the spot UV element to the rest of the page can be particularly eye-catching. This contrast can be heightened by adding spot UV on top of matt laminated printing.


Textured varnish is a glossy varnish that overlays a slightly rippled, tactile finish to the page. It can be used as a spot varnish to enhance the impact of particular page elements and is an interesting and eye-catching alternative to standard gloss varnishes.


There are other more creative varnishes on the market today. Sparkly varnishes include metallic flakes to catch the eye and can be applied as a spot varnish.

If you want to make your brand really stand out from the crowd and give a premium feel to your business, speak to us about using our Luxury Finishing Techniques and we can advise which options we think would be best for your next project.