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Print Farmers, Printing Consultants, Print Brokers, these are all terms commonly used to describe companies that provide a print management service.So what’s it all about?

Knowing the right questions to ask!

Well, think about the last printed item you needed. You probably selected your printer in one of two ways – either going to the same printer you used the last time because they seemed okay or asking three or more printers to provide a quote and choosing the one with the best price.

Now, did you ask about what press they’d be using, how much wastage of paper might be involved, how that might affect the price? Did you consider whether it would be better to print digital or litho? Did you query whether a different paper stock would shave a little more off the price? Probably not.

Printed Brochures

Finding you the best supplier

Printing is a technical process with many variables that will impact on the cost of producing a leaflet or brochure and the finished effect. Print management is all about achieving value for money, outsourcing to a printer that can be trusted to deliver a quality printed item at the right price and within a given timeframe. It’s all about knowledge and an excellent network of contacts, something that we at Cornberry have plenty of.

A smooth print process

When clients ask us to take care of print we take ownership of the project and ensure it progresses smoothly through each stage of the print process. It all starts with understanding our clients’ needs – what is the end product, the quantity required, the impression it needs to create, the deadline for delivery. By asking questions we are quickly able to identify the print process and finishing options that is best suited for that particular project. We can then start talking to those printers who are best set up to handle the job – if you want a glossy 24-page brochure with spot varnish throughout we won’t approach printers whose business revolves around printing high volume mailshots. We make it our business to know exactly what printers are capable of producing and how cost effectively they can work, and we use our expertise to ensure that we save you money without compromising quality.

Saving you time and money!

Terms like print farmers don’t paint a pretty picture of print management. ‘Farming’ suggests notions such as ‘churning it out’ and ‘big profit margins’. We think those days are long gone. Today, print management is very definitely based on customer satisfaction, developing good working relationships with clients and helping them reach their audiences and achieve their goals through print marketing.

Next time you need printed communications why not think about using a print management company? Give Cornberry a call, we’d be more than happy to provide a quote for your print – it could be the start of something great!