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You just sauntered out of a fantastically productive meeting with a great new client; basically clicking your heels as you show them out. They handpicked you for an awesome, fresh, new creative solution. Grinning ear to ear you humbly place yourself in front of your design station, knowing full well you’ve got this. They laughed at all your jokes; you’ve got this. You made all the notes; you got this. Then your brain blanks and the inspiration you were just bursting with, sprints out the door behind that client – you haven’t got this!

Fear not!

Khroma, is a fantastic new design tool inspiring users all over the globe. A genius idea that presents colour combo suggestions, randomly generated or tailored to your own aesthetic leanings. It’s easy to use, quick to get started and best of all its FREE! Currently it’s in Beta, but very robust and the functions on offer are fantastic.

Great for logo, branding and web design projects or simply playing around for a little creative inspiration.

To get started, simply go to http://khroma.co have a little read of the front page, then simply select generate or personalise. Generate will randomise colours and personalise will, well, personalise them. If you do choose the personalise option you’ll be taken to another page and asked to  make 50 selections. The options keep appearing as you scroll endlessly and almost certainly indecisively. Yeah, we thought 50 was a lot too, but stick with it! . When you’ve selected 50 you can then press the “Start Training” button at the top, then sit back while the program works its magic. It will take a little while, so go grab a cuppa, but it WILL be worth it!

Colours for days

You’ll then be presented with a seemingly endless stream of fantastically coloured pairings, either curated by yourself or randomly generated. But to be honest they were both fantastic. Of course, personalised is what we opted for first because we know what we like and we like what we know. However,  the randomised offerings were fantastic too. Firstly, the colours will be presented to you as type, which you can then switch up between background and text colours; for a different take on the same combo. Pressing the little heart icon on the ones you like best will save them for future reference, before you get overwhelmed and forget about them. You can scroll endlessly, but trust us, you won’t need to.

Khroma colours

Khroma displays elegant colour combinations through type

hover on the combinations you like and press the info icon for specifics of the colours. It will give you Hexidecimal and RGB, you can also just copy the CSS.

But that’s not all!

In the top right, you can select to view colour combinations in a few other visually pleasing and equally inspiring ways. Our favourite was image view, where Khroma applies colour combinations to an image – which we could have starred at for hours. It has a default image of a lady to work from, but you easily can upload your own in the settings.

Gradient view is another way we enjoyed picking our favourite colour combinations.

After jumping down the endless rabbit holes of colours that Khroma throws at you, it’ll be hard to stop scrolling. But after a while, you’ll have stopped drooling and picked a few favourite pairings. Click the heart icon to view all these favourites in one place on a new page. By the time you make it to this holding pen of your own handpicked dreams, you’ll no doubt be itching to get your ideas started.

We absolutely love Khroma, it’s a fantastic tool that will put a smile on any design savvy or creatively inclined individuals face. safe to say we’re excited to see how the platform evolves!

Here at Cornberry we love a new design, any chance to flex our creative muscles gets us very excited. Whether it’s a fresh lick of paint or new brand identity, Cornberry can help you look your best in any marketing medium. You can find some of our design work showcased here. Get in touch by email or phone us on 01428 651 709 to see how we can help.